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>> Miyerkules, Hunyo 22, 2011

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Let’s talk about movies….

This topic just came out of my mind when I was having a break at the office. I just happened to be downloading one of the free movies posted online with VODO thru Utorrent. I was just wondering why movies were so entertaining.

Well, I watch movies with my family after work (before going to bed, and on weekends after household chores are done). We laugh together, gasp together, and even have little arguments about a scene we just thought that is worth talking about.

Movies are really interesting. It doesn’t only make you laugh or cry or tremble with fear, it also gives you lots of interesting lessons to remember during the rest of your lives.

We have just watched Swamp Devil, and it was really a nice movie. It is a Science Fiction and the story is about a woman (Melanie Blaime) who went back home because a certain Jimmy Fuller called her and told her that her father is dying. She went back immediately to the town only to find out that her father (Howard Blaime) isn’t dying, but was suspected for a very miserable crime series happening at the forests of Gibbington.

For a kid, the movie is some kind of hero and monster scenes which made my child Jasmine to like it and joined us watching it. For me, I kind of liked it because of the very dear moments of a father and child which were portrayed by Howard and Melanie. They were in separate ways for 17 years but you could just observe the affection between them. Melanie just wanted to be with his father again and couldn’t afford to leave him alone in that town. Howard, who is really desperate of killing the real serial killer showed how much he really cared for his daughter. Isn’t it heart-touching to those fathers out there who cares only about themselves and doesn’t mind what is happening with their kids?

Movies really are for fun and a lot educational when we concentrate and understand the relevance of the movie’s theme and story.


Welcome Message

>> Huwebes, Hunyo 16, 2011

Welcome to this blog!

This is the Official Blogging page of the Lidua family.
      Father: Ian Waytan Lidua
      Mother: Charlyn June Fadchal Lidua
                 Rhianna Jasmine Fadchal Lidua
                 Ayeisha Mayne Fadchal Lidua


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